Monday, April 30, 2012

Who won best new artist over justin bieber on the grammys?

Answer on Who won best new artist over justin bieber on the grammys?

its actually on the yahoo homepage
here you go:
http://awards. music. yahoo. com/blog/96-wh…

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I need some Diet routines, and exercising tips. Help me out, people.?

Answer on I need some Diet routines, and exercising tips. Help me out, people.?

- drink plenty of water
- exercise b4 eating
- warmup 4 15 min b4 exercising
- eat natural food (as n fruits n vegs)
- change up ur exercises otherwise ur body gets used to them n u wont burn as many calories (ex: run for 2 days, then swim for the nxt two days, then bike for the next two days for instance)
- eat breakfast
- no more than 25 g of fat a day
- dnt eat white bread, whole wheat bread is a much better option
- eat 5 smaller meals rather than 3 big meals
(ex: eat at 7 am, 10 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm)
-chew gum, ur brain gets the impresdion that ur eating, so ull burn more calories

hope i helped u a little :)
maybe best answer? ;]

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miranda cosgrove Selena gomez or Demi lavato which one is hotter?

Answer on Miranda cosgrove Selena gomez or Demi lavato which one is hotter?


Whats the deal wit drake?

i am havin trouble understanding y ppl love drake so much, i grew up watching him on degrassi & when i heard he was turning into a rapper i thought it was a joke. how come people give him so much credit??

Answer on Whats the deal wit drake?

Heres a secret: He didn't talk with a suburban dialect until he started becoming big. He grew up in Canada and was basicly a white kid until he joined Cash Money/Young Money.

This is the Future of young money and it's Artist in the Label!?

First Drake is is gonna be the labels biggest succes next to lil wayne which will make him jealous that somebody is better then him and they will beef it out mostly becuase of lil wayne problems with him and hell turn the roster against him and money Probs!!i mean come on you think mack it running the label??nahh its slim and baby and they are known for rappers leavin for money probs with them.... drake will leave and he and wayne will beef prob(in a year or 2 just watch)cmon every rap crew does not last long neither will young money...da beef will be biggest mainstream beef since ja and 50 eventuelly weezy will leave young money just like his idol jay did leaving much of his roster hanging as for the young money rappers this is there future

Drake:will have succesful career the best in the label he and wayne will prob make up years later jus like nas and wayne

Tyga:drop album but will never be big he will sorta be like kurupt and daz there known but nothing major after they left death row, so tyga will make **** but jus not as big as he though

gudda gudda:ehh he will have hit songs but not hit albums! prob will fade out after a couple years like juvenile and BG

Nicki Minaj:Prob will be big like foxy and kim but eventually will have problems and just fade out like them just like them after a couple years

Twist:ehh he will prob like a mix of lloyd and wayne prob have a career and but just not as big as he thinks

Chuckie:lil wayne clone will get dissed up the ***!!!!

Mack Maine:just like tony yayo ride and die for wayne no matter what his career turns out

Shanell:background singer nothing big

Tstreets:fade out 2

Millz:same as gudda hit songs no hit albums!

Answer on This is the Future of young money and it's Artist in the Label!?

I do see Wayne in Chuckie's flow.

Drake is the future of YME, indeed.

I agree with this for the most part.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to help my morbidly obese son lose weight (10 points for best advice)?

so my son is seriously morbidly obese hes 8 years old 4'2 and 366 pounds has a 85 inch waist ( which means his belly is bigger around than he is tall which scares me knowing that to be healthy your tummy has to be half of what your height is) he has a shirt size of 6XL and his body fat persentage is 58% and has a BMI of 102, and his pediatrician said if he keeps this up he will have a heart attack at about 20 years old. i blame myself for him being like this i always coddled him and when ever he wanted food i gave it to him. he is a coach potato who watches tv and plays video games all day, and he eats very unhealthy (which is my fault for feeding him greay and fatty foods) he also eats alot, for example one night my daughter caught him eating all the twinkees, brownees and cookies i had bought that day, but when she caught him he was fast asleep and it was too late he had eaten all of them (he ate 6 twinkees 12 fudge brownees and 6 cookies in one night which amazed me appernetly he ate really fast and was stuffing multiple twinkees in his moth at once which makes me thing he knew what he was doing was wrong. he also likes to sneak food one day i saw him walking to his room and i just motherly kissed him on the cheek and hugged him i felt these weird lumps so i asked him to pull up his shirt and he was hiding twinkees and snickers bars under his fat rolls so that i couldnt see them and i asked him if he was hungry and he said no i just wanted to eat them. i tell him he can only have sweets for dessert but he finds ways to sneak them. also i catch him playing with his belly fat. i asked him "what are you doing with your belly" and he starts jiggling his belly and replies while smiling and laughing ", look mommy my belly is like jello see how it jiggles," it makes me think he does not know what being obese is and the risks he has. my husband is a little over weight he is 6'3 and 185 pounds but eats unhealthy so i guess my son got his habbits from him. and i have a 16 year old daughter who is 5'2 and 110 pounds so she is normal weight ( shes those types of girls who doesnt eat alot and gets full quikly so the food she doesnt eat she will give to my son. i am 5'5 and 130 pounds so im thin and am able to do physical activities with my son. as for now he gets tired very easily he cannot run for more than a few seconds untill he gets aches and pains. and really cannot walk for more than 1-2 minutes untill he starts high breathing and has to sit down he can not do any sit-ups because his tummy is in the way and cannot do any push-ups because even when he gets into push-up position his belly is too big to get off the ground. so i want to start off slow and then intensify activiteis as time goes on. we live in Houstan, Texas so it is warm all year to excersise outside. what im asking is
what diets or healthy recipes can i use that a 8 year old would like?
what are some fun physical activities an 8 year old would like?
he likes football and baseball he used to play until he got too heavy to play.
im desperate i love my son with all my heart hes my baby and i dont want to lose him.

Answer on How to help my morbidly obese son lose weight (10 points for best advice)?

Your son needs to see

1) a psychologist
2) a nutritionist


3) a personal trainer

these 3 people need to work together as a team to help your son.

please seek out this help as your son should be dead w/ what he weighs. Health insurance will cover the first 2 but not the third. Do your best to be able to afford a personal trainer 2-3 times a week and help your son do what he has learned from the trainer when the trainer is not around. This is not something that he can fix on his own nor can his family help him fix otherwise it would have been fixed by now. Please do 1, 2 and 3 above to save him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I need famous duo costume ideas.?

I'm part of a drama club and every year we have a "second Halloween" and dress up as famous people/characters and have a big party. I'm the one organizing the event so I need some really good ideas.

Some of my past favorites have been Lady Gaga, Robin Sparkles, Pocahontas, Wednesday Addams and the girls from Mean Girls.

My friend and I want to do a pair costume though, but we can't think of anything really creative. Last year we were Mary Kate and Ashley. Could you supply better and more creative ideas please?? Ex: Daphne and Velma, Spongebob and Patrick.

We're both girls but I don't think we'd mind too much about dressing up as guys. Thanks!

Answer on I need famous duo costume ideas.?

Hello, here are several fun famous couples ideas!

http://www. scavengeinc. com/v-30-famous-c…